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Frinksyn Provide

Data Annotation & Machine Learning / AI

Data Annotation service for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence companies.

Why Frinksyn

Frinksyn bring together the best people, processes, and technologies to deliver exceptional quality data services. We partner with your vision to understand your requirements while assuring to be agile and flexible for your evolving data needs.


Our full-time expert workforce undergoes specialized training and has vast annotation experience in different domains. Frinksyn Architects draw upon their deep expertise to help define the requirements, training, workflow, feedback loops, and data validation.


ISO 27001:2013 Compliant, Strict NDAs with employees and contractors, Dedicated & Monitored facilities with strict security protocol for extremely sensitive projects


Depending on the client’s needs and goals, Frinksyn can use proprietary data annotation tools, the client’s tools, or any third-party tools. Flexible to work with your customized tools or use any third-party industry standard tools.

Managed Service

Our dedicated project teams include domain experts, solution architects, project manager and experienced annotators.

Free Demo

We do not charge for the time invested in understanding your requirements and standardizing the labeling process and happy to perform a demo with you.

Independent Audit

Frinksyn is having an internal audit team completely independent of project teams that regularly check the quality of deliverables.

Our Services

Computer Vision

Label Training Data at Unsupervised Speed. The world of AI moves fast, don't let ground truth slow you down. We've spoken to hundreds of ML teams to create a labeling environment that will keep up with the most ambitious projects in AI. Frinksyn LLP labeling, enables unparalleled control of your annotation workflow, helps you spot quality issues in your data, and integrates seamlessly into your pipeline. On top of all of that, its user experience matches our maniacal attention to detail coupled with excellent technical support. Deep learning scientists love it, annotation workforces love it, you'll love it too.

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NLP Annotation Services for AI-Driven Machine Learning

NLP-Natural Language Processing into machines is impossible without extracting the meaningful words from any text. NLP annotation helps machine learning to acquire only the useful words from the sentence and make it understandable for AI words. Frinksyn offers natural language annotation services for machine learning with an optimum level of accuracy.

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Content Moderation Services

Content Moderation Services includes reviewing/ moderating the content of any type (text, images, videos, audios etc.) to ensure that the platform is free from any inappropriate content and does not violate the platform guidelines.

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Product Categorization

Frinksyn delivers product categorization services by classifying and labeling all forms of user-generated content such as text, video and images. Product categorization involves using training data to train a model to predict the category of a given product. The amount of data required is highly dependent on the number of products that must be categorized and the diversity of the product catalog.

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Natural Language Processing


Computer Vision

We are a leading annotation service provider
thanks to our proprietary annotation platform and our professional in-house annotation team.

Text Annotation

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Image Annotation

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Video Annotation

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Audio Annotation

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Lidar Annotation

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